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GLG Bishop


The pinnacle of our Get Off Me tool line is the GLG Bishop. It was our first creation in the (NPE) Non Permissive Environment world. Keep one by your side and stay FIVE STEPS AHEAD. The Bishop is a G10 dagger model with an Underwrap and Overwrap of paracord that is glued with a proprietary epoxy blend for the perfect hold and finish on Made in the USA rot and UV resistant Paracord. It fits well in hand while having some slip resistance with liquids. We pair the Bishop with a taco kydex sheath and IWB clip utilizing non metallic hardware. 


The Bishop is used as a point driven system, not capable of cutting. In testing it will pierce and travel through three layers of jean material and 2.5 inches of soft material. Even if the end gets slightly delaminated (1/16 inch to 1/8 inch, this is a byproduct of the material and force placed onto the tip) it will still be capable of its job being a Get Off Me tool.


GLG Knifeworks is humbled and honored to have our creations and designs featured in; Recoil's OffGrid and Concealment Magazine as well as Skillset magazine several times. We have also had our flagship Bishop knife model featured in "The Last Protector" written by the talented Simon Gervais. 


Our tools have also been  featured on several online publications like OFFGRID, SOFREP, HolsterHub, and GatDaily. 

Black Bishop