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Ships 3/15/24


GLG Hair Stay


The GLG Hair Stay (also known as a Hair Spike when we first started) was born out of necessity. I wanted to create a UNIQUE design that provided women with a nondescript Get Off Me tool that worked in almost any environment. While staying in your hair (with or without the help of a scrunchie) the GLG Hair Stay allows a woman to have fast access to a tool that can help create distance from an attacker. The center of the tool is cut and sanded down to ensure it will stay in place until it's needed. Women are capable of working, walking, jogging and rucking with it in place. The non descript look of the Hair Stay lends it to blending in at the office as well.


The tool is a solid piece of G10. G10 is made of high pressure compressed fiberglass laminate made with epoxy resin and heated and pressed. It's non metallic, non conductive, and it was originally made for use in circuit boards. It is resistant to moisture and oils.


GLG Knifeworks is humbled and honored to have our creations and designs featured in; Recoil's OffGrid and Concealment Magazine as well as Skillset magazine several times. We have also had our flagship Bishop knife model featured in "The Last Protector" written by the talented Simon Gervais.


Our tools have also been featured on several online publications like OFFGRID, SOFREP, HolsterHub, and GatDaily.

Black Hair Stay

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