(Black w/ Black WRAP and Kydex sheath) Bishop V4 - Release Number 9


THESE BISHOPS WILL SHIP ON 12/17/2020 in time for Christmas!



On the 20th release of the GLG Bishop, we headed back to all black. Each Bishop is hand ground and finished on our American designed and built Wilmont TAD Grinder. 


These are all black, with black kydex and IWB Loop with a blacked out american flag on the IWB loop button. 


The Bishop is made of a material called G10. It comes complete with a paracord wrapped handle, custom kydex sheath and several mounting options. (pocket hook/pants belt loop, waitband/pocket tether)



About the Blade Material


"G10 is a high-pressure fiberglass laminate, a kind of composite material. It is created by stacking multiple layers of glass cloth, soaking in epoxy resin, and compressing the resulting material under heat until the epoxy cures. It is manufactured in flat sheets, most often a few millimeters thick.

G10 is very similar to Micarta and carbon fiber laminates, because they are all resin-based laminates, except that the base material used is glass cloth. G10 is the toughest of the glass fiber resin laminates and therefore the most commonly used." (*1)


The Handle


We use the best UV, Rot, and Mildew resistant paracord made directly here in the USA by American hands. We fold and tighten each wrap of the blade handle with care to ensure evenness. We then use West Systems Epoxy with metered pumps. This ensures that the correct stiffness, strength and firmness gets soaked into the paracord leaving it with a soft, yet firm grip. The paracord becomes strong but non abbrasive.




I tested the first Bishop with having it completly peirce all 3.5 inches of blade through two (2) layers of new denim jean material and into a hard melon. It also peirced a new 1 quart paint can easily, without damage to the tip or blade. The Bishop was then tested on a rusty, 55 gallon drum and it did not pierce the drum. It did place noticable dents roughly 1/4" of an inch in depth. The tip was blunted .030 from the impact. 


(*1) Source material copied from Wikipedia

Christmas Special - Black Bishop w/ Lumber Crayon Ships 7/3/2020

  • If you are unhappy with your purchase you have seven (7) buisness days to notify us and start the return process. We reserve the right to deny a return if we feel gross negligence created a defect in the blade, tool or sheath. 

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