We saw a void that needed to be filled with women entering either non permissive enviornments or those that may not want to or be able to carry a weapon with them. Enter the GLG HS1, a hair spike that doubles as an impact weapon. We have tested the design to ensure that it does not damge, pull or hurt to carry in as a daily item. We tapered the inside forks to ensure a secure hold. Holding the HS1 in hand and using it as a striking weapon will not pinch your hand as we have kept the gap at a minimum. These are the perfect gift for the women of your life who like style and function. 



About the Blade Material


"G10 is a high-pressure fiberglass laminate, a kind of composite material. It is created by stacking multiple layers of glass cloth, soaking in epoxy resin, and compressing the resulting material under heat until the epoxy cures. It is manufactured in flat sheets, most often a few millimeters thick.

G10 is very similar to Micarta and carbon fiber laminates, because they are all resin-based laminates, except that the base material used is glass cloth. G10 is the toughest of the glass fiber resin laminates and therefore the most commonly used." (*1)


(*1) Source material copied from Wikipedia

Jade Hair Stay - SHIPS 5/22/2021