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We would love to have visitors to our shop but are unable to do so due to security reasons. 

If you would like to receive more information

please contact us. 

Visits are on a per case basis. 

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  • What material is our nonmetallic knives made out of?
    Our nonmetallic knives are made out of G10. G10 is a fiberglass and epoxy laminate that is heated and compressed right here in the USA. Its density and non metallic nature keeps it light and durable. while it does not sharpen and hold an edge like traditional steel or stainless steel, its point is strong and is capable of puncturing very well.
  • Do you take custom orders?
    We do not take custom orders. Opening books is a more traditional way of running a knife shop. We make our knives in batches, (versions). This allows us to make them and then sell and ship them in a timely manner. This gets our knives to our loyal fans and customers faster, meaning days not months.
  • Do you heat treat your own blades?
    Currently we do not heat treat our own blades. In order to create the best possible knife we outsource our metallic knives to Peter's Heat Treat in the heart of Meadville PA. They have some of the best heat treating services available in the US. They are experts in their field and we fully trust them with heat treating, anneling, and cryogenic quenching of our blades.
  • Why did you get started?
    We started GLG Knifeworks LLC. due to our love of blades and learning. I wanted to create my own blades and add a style of traditional meets new school. I strive to hone my craft each time I step up to the grinder.
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