"I have always loved knives. My first one was a small Boy Scout knife that I held in high esteem. I was always told to respect the blade and to cut away from my body" 

Thank you for checking us out. This is our little cardboard box on the internet.


GLG is a small American knife company located in the foothills of New Hampshire. We design self defense blades and tools for people who rely on them to keep them safe. Each one is handcrafted with care and knowledge that they may be used as a last ditch tool in a serious situation.


We build purpose built knives for harsh environments.  

From our non metallic G10 Bishop shank, to our clinch pick style Merlin, to our nod to history with our Karadashi we hope you find something you love. 

If you have any questions please feel free to contact us. 


We wish you all the best, from 

Jon and the team of Grim, Lock & Gray. 

Jon Gray

Jon loves to hone his skill at knife making alongside reading Miyamoto Musashi, drinking coffee, and listening to T Swift. 


Mrs. Gray

Mrs. Gray handles the non knife side of GLG, everything from sales to family trips. She is a much better shot than Jon so please be polite. 



Sometimes the girls like to help by sweeping up the shop. They are part of the "WHY" here at GLG. We adore our little princesses. 


©2017 GLG Knifeworks LLC.

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